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Research Themes

Lists of researches in Master’s and Doctoral Program

Cooperative chairs

Regenerative Preservation of Built Environment

  • Seismic risk management of buildings and urban spaces
  • Performance based design of buildings
  • Regenerative preservation of existing buildings

Architecture and Environmental Engineering

  • Semiotic Study on the Design of Architectural and Urban Space
  • Design Methodology of Architectural and Urban Space
  • Study on Behavior and Cognition in Architecture and Urban Environment
  • System Theory on Design and Evaluation of Human Environment
  • Evaluation and design of lighting environments based on human visual recognition
  • Evaluation and design of colors in human environments and their scientific basis

History of Architecture

  • History of Japanese architecture
  • History of Japanese cities
  • History of human environmental design
  • Ceremonial practices of Shinto shrines and buddhist temples

Construction Technology of Building Structures

  • Development of economical retrofit schemes for existing rc buildings
  • Establishment of performance based seismic design criteria for rc buildings
  • Development of prestressed precast concrete building systems with very high durability

Architectural Environmental Planning, Architectural and Environmental Planning

  • Design method and emergent idea
  • Layout planning and the space design method solved with knowledge system
  • Environmental planning, preference of residential place
  • Urbanization and residential environment abroad

Architectural Environmental Planning, Building Environment Control

  • Thermal environment and energy consumption in residential buildings
  • Preservation of cultural heritage
  • Durability of building materials and long-life buildings
  • Comfort and health in sleeping and bathing environments
  • Use of hygroscopic materials to provide for interior moisture buffering
  • Prevention of interior moisture damage

Architectural Design and Theory, Architectural Design and Theory

  • A study on the relationship between the conception of architectural space and the act of designing
  • A study on the role and function of language in the process of design
  • Conception of space and its generating process
  • Curture and the concept of ruling space
  • Genealogy of Spatial Imagination
  • Dominant Concept of Space in Culture

Architectural Design and Theory, Architectural and Environmental Design

  • Phenomenology of architectural space and place
  • A ontological study on modern houses through analysis of the processes of form modifications
  • A ontological study on modern architects through analysis of their words

Structural Engineering of Buildings

  • Computer aided structural design of buildings
  • Collapse analysis of building structures
  • Seismic retrofit of historic structures
  • Improvement of earthquake resistance and durability of buildings using high-performance materials

Architectural Construction Engineering, Architecture System and Management

  • Computational geometry
  • Optimization of architecture system
  • Research on architecture system and management to make good building construction and environment
  • International comparison of project management

Architectural Construction Engineering, Space Development and Structural Systems

  • Development of high strength bolted connection for steel building structures
  • Steel structural system assuring seismic performance by quality guarantee
  • High-performance seismic structure enhanced by Dampers
  • Optimization of Trusses and Shells
  • Shape Analysis and Design of Tensegrities
  • Design Approach by Utilizing Buckling Behavior

Built Environment Materials and Structural Systems

Housing and Environmental Design

  • Design and Research on Housing and Living Environment corresponding Contemporary Society
  • Development of Open Building Technology for Sustainable Society
  • Cultural Landscape Conservation & Management Program
  • Design and Research on New type of Welfare Facilities for the Elderly
  • Project Practice of Creative Renovation of Housing and Living Environment

Architectural Environment Systems, Environmental Acoustics

  • Sound space design based on wave theory
  • Research on the sound field control
  • Research on the sound space design for the acoustical communication (Social acoustics)
  • Physical properties of the sound field and its subjective evaluation
  • The development and application of acoustic materials and structures

Architectural Environment Systems, Building Geoenvironment Engineering

  • Inverse Problem-Based Design Method for Building Structures under Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction
  • Upgrading Method of Earthquake Resistance of Buildings via Compact Viscous Damper Systems
  • New Upgrading Methodology of Earthquake Resistance of Buildings Via Out-framed Viscous Damper Systems
  • Stiffness-Damping Simultaneous Identification of Building Structures and Foundations
  • Construction of Design Earthquakes and Worst Earthquake Input Models
  • Habitability Upgrade of Buildings via Visco-elastic Damper Using High-hardness Rubber

Disaster Mitigation Engineering, Earthquake Resistant Engineering

  • Development of testing techniques for the simulation of failure behavior of building structures when subjected to large earthquakes
  • Test and numerical analysis to trace the structural behavior up to complete collapse
  • Eathquake responses and seismic design of building structures subjected to near-fault strong motions
  • Response and design of base-isolated building structures subjected to combined horizontal and vertical ground motions

Disaster Mitigation Engineering, Structural Safety Control

Disaster Mitigation Engineering, Environmental Wind Engineering

  • Wind flow and wind induced pressure on buildings
  • Study on wind characteristics over urban area and wind flow around buildings
  • Development of the prediction method of fire in city when wind blows

Space Safety Engineering, Earthquake and Tsunami Resistant Design for Structures

Space Safety Engineering, Urban Disaster Reduction Planning

  • Development of a physically based urban fire spread model
  • Estimation of hazard due to conflagration induced flow and analyzes of evacuation behavior of city residents in fire
  • Development of a two-layer zone smoke transport model

Architectural Creative Engineering ( Innovative Collaboration Center )

  • Risk Management
  • Property Management
  • Construction Management
  • Technology Management

Global Environmental Architecture ( Hall of Global Environmental Research )