Objective and Policy

Objective in education and research of the Department


Architecture is the field of knowledge to contemplate for safe and comfortable living environment and to create desirable architectural and urban spaces.
In the Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, advanced knowledge for reexamine architecture comprehensively in both of the natural environment and human living environment as well as fundamental knowledge in the fields of Planning, Environmental Engineering and Structural Engineering are lectured on.
These education programs aim at providing rich humanity and wide visions, which are necessary for technical engineers and research professionals with outstanding expertise, high morality, sophistication and abundant individuality.


The current rapid changes of the social environment have brought about a need to develop studies on architecture as a synthetic system as well as the studies in fundamental and advanced fields, in order to produce higher quality and multi-functional living space. Thus, it is essential to promote the integration of many different fields.
In this department, innovative methodologies and fundamental and advanced knowledge in related fields are investigated.

Admission Policy

With the above Philosophy and Objective as the background, we are looking for students with the following properties :

1. Students who share our philosophy and objective, and have basic capability and motivation to achieve them.

2. Students who have basic knowledge necessary to search for his/her own self, cognitive power and judgment, but no bounding to stereotype.

3. Students who are aspiring to become leading technical engineers and research professionals in the fields of architecture.