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Laboratories and Academic Staff

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Academic Staff

Regenerative Preservation of Built Environment

Yasuhiro HAYASHI [Professor]
Mina SUGINO [Assistant Professor]

Architecture and Human Environmental Engineering

Kiyoko KANKI [Professor]
Taiichiro ISHIDA [Associate Professor]

History of Architecture

Tsuneto YAMAGISHI [Professor]
Yoshiyuki TOMISHIMA [Associate Professor]

Construction Technology of Building Structures

Minehiro NISHIYAMA [Professor]
Masanori TANI [Associate Professor]

Architectural Environmental Planning


Architectural Environmental Planning

Ken MIURA [Professor]
Tetsu YOSHIDA [Associate Professor]
Motoki MORIYAMA [Assistant Professor]

Building Environment Control

Daisuke OGURA [Professor]
Chiemi IBA [Assistant Professor]

Architectural Design and Theory


Architectural Design and Theory

Akihisa HIRATA [Associate Professor]
Aiko TAKATORI [Junior Associate Professor]

Architectural and Environmental Design

Kiyoshi TAKEYAMA [Professor]
Takafumi TAJI [Associate Professor]

Structural Engineering of Buildings

Makoto OHSAKI [Professor]
Yoshikazu ARAKI [Associate Professor]

Architectural Construction Engineering


Architecture System and Management

Takashi KANETA [Associate Professor]

Space Development and Structural Systems

Yuji KOETAKA [Associate Professor]
Kouhei TAKATSUKA [Assistant Professor]

Built Environment Materials and Structural Systems

Yoshio KANEKO [Professor]
Yuichi SATO [Assistant Professor]

Housing and Environmental Design

Kiwamu YANAGISAWA[Associate Professor]
Masahiro MAEDA [Assistant Professor]

Sustainable Built Environment Engineering

Kazunori HARADA [Professor]
Daisaku NII [Assistant Professor]

Architectural Environment Systems


Environmental Acoustics

Makoto OTANI [Associate Professor]

Building Geoenvironment Engineering

Izuru TAKEWAKI [Professor]
Msaaki TSUJI [Associate Professor]
Kohei FUJITA [Assistant Professor]

Cooperating Chair


Academic Staff

Disaster Mitigation Engineering (Disaster Prevention Research Institute)


Earthquake Resistant Engineering

Yoshiki IKEDA [Professor]
Masahiro KURATA [Associate Professor]

Structural Safety Control

Hiroshi KAWASE [Professor]

Environmental Wind Engineering

Takashi MARUYAMA [Professor]
Kazuyoshi NISHIJIMA [Associate Professor]

Space Safety Engineering (Disaster Prevention Research Institute)


Earthquake and Tsunami Resistant Design for Structures

Shinichi MATSUSHIMA [Professor]

Urban Disaster Reduction Planning

Norio MAKI [Professor]

Global Environmental Architecture (Hall of Global Environmental Research)

Kenji OKAZAKI [Professor]
Hirohide KOBAYASHI [Associate Professor]
Chiho OCHIAI [Assistant Professor]