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Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism

As the increasing sophistication of design and construction techniques removes almost every limitation on what we build, there is a corresponding need to develop an intellectual and conceptual basis for why we build. Based on close readings of texts, images, and buildings, our research is intended to produce a theoretical understanding and critical positioning with regard to developments in contemporary Japanese architecture, placing it within a wider context of art, design, culture, politics, and economics. Student output comprises both critical writing and experimental design, aimed toward symposium presentations and publications.

Academic Staff


Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)Thomas Daniell

Research Topics

  • Architectural theory

  • Architectural criticism

  • Contemporary Japanese architecture

  • Traditional Japanese architecture


Room 394, Bldg. C1, Katsura Campus
TEL: +81-75-383-3155
E-mail: daniell@archi.kyoto-u.ac.jp