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Architectural Design and Theory

Academic Staff

Akihisa HIRATA

Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)

Research Topics


TEL: +81-75-383-2906
E-mail: hirata@archi.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Masahiro MAEDA

Junior Associate Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)

Research Topics

  • Design of Space and Living Environment adapted to uncertain social change from the perspective of the role of local community and its succession / reorganization.
  • Research on housing and community development in ordinary times and emergencies by case studies of large cities in Kansai and domestic and foreign areas affected by natural disasters.


Room 283 (C1-4), C-cluster, Katsura Campus
TEL: +81-75-383-2950
E-mail: maeda@archi.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Web: masahiromaeda.net

Hirata Labo

Exploring Theory and Methodology for Design of Sustainable Housing and Environment

We examine the essence of housing and community management and design relationship between residential space and systems of society. We collaborate with social scientists and scientists in related fields in order to consider the design of the sustainable city and area by examining theories of commons, community, sustainability and well being etc. We develop and apply methodology of supporting social decision making such as scenario approach to the field of residential space.  

Maeda Labo

Design of Residential Space from the view of Succession and Reorganization of Individual-Social Relationships

The image of individual, family and community is changing and basic ideas of existing housing design theory become unstable and in-effective. We examine contemporary phenomena of relationship between individual and society and research on design of residential space which support succession and reorganization of the relationships through the fields, for example, housing design, stock renovation and community management.